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Default soldered pins and blocks, altera 4th generation FPGA core board, large capacity M25P16 memory (16M), support for 256M SDRAM memory, commonly used peripheral experiments, support for video images, camera capture VGA display, TFT support , SD card. The routine includes all of the above experiments, schematics, and introductory tutorial documentation. Information is sent electronically without CD

  • Size: 10cm×6.5cm.
  • Main chip: ALTERA FPGA Cyclone IV EP4CE6E22C8.
  • Leads all the I/O resources of the main chip. Onboard 2*22 pin expansion interface, 2*28 pin expansion interface, easy to connect peripherals.
  • Onboard USB socket, used for power supply.
  • Onboard JTAG interface, used for download program.
  • Onboard a power LED, 2 user LEDs.
  • Onboard 1 reset key, 2 user keys.
  • Onboard large capacity serial configuration chip EPCS16 or M25P16, save the program when power is off.
  • If you need to do NIOS or large capacity cache, you can buy our SDRAM module to expand.

Package Include:

1 PCS ALTERA FPGA development board core board CYCLONE IV EP4CE TFT video card


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