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1. AES key technology is more secure than a physical key, and no more keys are needed.You can make a virtual key for your family or guests that will be valid for weeks, hours, minutes or even a specific date and time.
2. You can also delete the right to open doors immediately.You can see the in and out log, the exact in and out time.
3. This bluetooth lock not only supports bluetooth unlocking, but also retains the way of password unlocking, which is greatly convenient for users without smart phones, such as children and the elderly.Or the scenario of not carrying a smartphone, such as a morning run, or the phone losing power.At the same time, this lock also provides two mechanical keys, supply urgent use.


Material: Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel
Ways to Unlock: Cell Phone,Password,Spare Key
Dynamic Power Consumption: 200mA
Static Power Consumption :< 30µA
Working Temperature: -40–80℃
Working Humidity: 20%-85%
Suitable door thickness: 40-55mm
Power Supply: 4X1.5v AA Alkaline Batteries (Not included)
Weight: 1.15 kg
Locked function:Anti-lock function
Simplified easy installation
Easy to change batteries
User deleted individually
ANSI Grade2 / CE certified
Keypad Shutdown: 10s if a code is wrongly input 3 times


1. Mobile APP manages the lock
2. Sends the time-limited key remotely
3. Locks the door automatically when you close the door for 5 seconds
4. The digital panel password key
5. Bluetooth 4.0 transmission protocol
6. User record management query
7. Led backlight
8. Reserve the key emergency door
9. The door record is sent in real time
10. Multi-user management is more convenient
11.  The lock power is displayed in real time

Package Included:

1 x The front panel
1 x Rear panel
1 x Opening figure
1 x Scutcheon
1 x Protect mat
1 x Stay lock tongue
1 x Fixed plate
1 x Button box
1 x Gusset plate
2 x Key
1 x Screw fittings


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