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The ESP32-based Wi-Fi/Bluetooth communication modules in the table below are surface-mount devices (SMD). Each module is a small printed circuit board upon which chips and other components are soldered and treated as an inseparable assembly to be integrated onto another PCB. All the modules listed below contain an ESP32 chip, a 40 MHz crystal (clock), and a flash memory chip, but vary in features such as antenna configuration, capacity of the flash memory chip, and EM shielding. Because these wireless communication module boards are designed for incorporation into final products (unlike development boards), they lack development components which are unnecessary or undesirable in final products — e.g., typically no USB-to-UART nor programming/reset buttons — minimizing both cost and physical size. Due to the advantages like ultra low power consumption, wide viewing angle, clear display without electricity, it is an ideal choice for applications such as shelf label, industrial instrument, and so on.


· No back-light, keeps displaying last content for a long time even when power down
· Ultra low power consumption, basically power is only required for refreshing
· Comes with development resources and manual (examples for ESP32)


· Operating voltage: 3.3V
· Interface: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI
· Display color: black, white
· Grey level: 2
· Full refresh time: 8s
· Refresh power: 26.4mW(typ.)
· Standby power: <0.017mW
· Viewing angle: >170°

Package included:

1 x TTG0 T5 V2.0 WiFi Wireless Module




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