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LoRa Gateway RAK831 is an RF front end gateway can be able to receive on a different frequency channels from 433/470/868/915 MHz at the same time can demodulate the LoRa signal without knowledge of the usage spreading factor of the sending node.

With the compact design, this is a ideal modular products to help the whole Lora system development. can be use on Smart Grid Communication, Intelligent Farm, other IoT Applications.

Operating Voltage: DC5V
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Radio Chipset: SX1301
RF Output Power: 23dBm
Receiver Sensitivity: Up to -142.5dBm (@293bps)
GPS Receiver: Includes
SNR handling: 9dB
Control Interface: SPI
Dimension: 80 x 50 x 5mm
Firmware: Gateway HAL
Range: Up to 15KM
Frequency band 433MHz/868MHz/915MHZ (Optional)

Package includes:

1 x Module
1 x Antenna


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