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The MLX90393 is an ultra-small, versatile, universal, non-contact 3D Hall sensor for consumer applications that enables applications such as linear displacement, angular rotation, and 3D position detection. The latest 3D Hall sensor products bring the third product of the advancement to challenge the smaller size of the 3D Hall technology, which has proven to be the mainstream solution in a variety of location detection.  MLX90393 is the latest generation of three-dimensional Hall technology products. Through two years of experience in application support and success stories, two high-performance chips have been designed that can be applied to all linear displacement, angle and 3D non-contact position measurements. The MLX90393 provides I2C and SPI output modes.

Features and Benefits:

1, QFN3 * 3mm ultra-small size package, not subject to customer structure requirements
2, 16 bit AD / highly integrated digital, micropower
3, 2.2 ~ 3.6V wide range of low working voltage
4, I2C & SPI (10MHz) output mode
5, XYZT (first choice) three-dimensional absolute position output
6, MCU can be a direct communication, very simple application
7, Low-cost integrated design


Can be replaced potentiometer, the direction of the handle, remote control, VR, PSP, etc .;
widely used in games, remote control, direction control and other consumer electronics industry.

Package included:

1 x CJMCU-90393 MLX90393 Digital 3D Hall Sensor


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