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– Smart Fingerprint Lock ] Never worry about losing your key or forgot passwords. Forget the cumbersome numbers, your finger is your key.This fingerprint padlock has 360°fingerprint acquisition function and only need 1 second to unlock.
– USB Rechargeable & Extreme Long Run Time ] Low power consumption and long standby time, If the battery is short of power, it can be unlocked in an emergency. The longest standby time is up to 2 years, and the maximum number of unlocking times is up to 2500 times.
– Sturdy and Portable ] Seamlessly designed, aluminium alloy metal body construction and high toughness stainless steel shackle, protect your cabinet or your home against thieves.
– IP66 Waterproof Rating ] Up to IP65 level waterproof electronic lock can prevent the dust and rain efficiently. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Operation Introduction :

(1)Lock : When the product is unlock, press the lock beam to lock the product.
(2)Unlock : When the product is locked, enter fingerprint. If use the right fingerprint, the green indicator short flash and the product is unlock. If use the wrong fingerprint, the red indicator short flash.
(3)Low voltage : When the voltage ≤3.5V, the red indicator flash fast for 15s. If keep in the status of low batter, it will alarming per minute.
(4)Charge : The red indicator and green indicator will flash alternatively during charging. Lights off when fully charged.

Specification :

Model P3
Resolution 508DPI
ESD +/-12kV air, +/-8kV contact
FRR <1%
FAR <0.002%
Recognition time <300ms
Unlocking Working Current 180mA
No Motor Working Current  3mA
Standby Current 16uA
Bearing Weight 380kg
Color Black

Package Includes :

1 x Fingerprint Padlock
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual


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